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8 Days Congo and Rwanda Captivating Expedition.

Congo and Rwanda Tour will take you  to an unforgettable eight-day odyssey through the enchanting realms of Rwanda and Congo, where the spirit of Africa comes alive in a symphony of color, culture, and natural wonder. Our journey begins amidst the rolling hills and emerald landscapes of Rwanda, a country known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills.” Here, we’ll explore the vibrant capital city of Kigali, where modernity meets tradition in a dynamic fusion of urban energy and rural charm.

From Kigali, our adventure takes us deep into the heart of Volcanoes National Park, a sanctuary of mist-shrouded peaks and dense bamboo forests that harbor one of the world’s most endangered species: the majestic mountain gorilla. Over the course of two exhilarating days, we’ll embark on immersive Dian Fossey hike, venturing into the wilderness following the legacy of the mother of gorilla trekking way back in time.

But Congo and Rwanda Tour doesn’t end with the wonders of nature. Throughout our expedition, we’ll also immerse ourselves in the vibrant cultures and rich traditions of Rwanda and Congo, meeting local artisans, sampling traditional cuisine, and learning about the fascinating histories of these dynamic nations.

Book this epic eight-day Congo and Rwanda Tour adventure as we explore the diverse landscapes, encounter captivating wildlife, and discover the rich tapestry of cultures that define Rwanda and Congo. It’s a journey of exploration, enlightenment, and unforgettable experiences that will stay with you long after you’ve returned home.

Mt. Karisimbi hike on a Congo and Rwanda tour
Mt. Karisimbi hike on a Congo and Rwanda tour

Places Covered

Gisenyi, Nyiragongo Hike, Bukima, Musanze, Twin Lakes, Rugezi Marsh, Dian Fossey, Karisimbi


  • A must Go Place with Family.
  • Great for First Time Adventurers
  • Make Memories For Life Time.

8 Days Congo and Rwanda Tour

Day 1: Transfer to Gisenyi

You will be picked up from your accommodation in Kigali and transfer to Gisenyi just near the DRC boarder arriving in good time for lunch and relation at the beach with many other optional activities. Dinner and overnight stay at Ubumwe Hotel.

Day 2: Nyiragongo Hike

Nyirangongo active volcano in Democratic Republic Of Congo- DRC
Nyirangongo active volcano hike on Congo and Rwanda Tour

Wake up to an early breakfast and cross the border by 8:30am and proceed Kibati ranger post to begin your Nyiragongo hike with overnight at the summit.

Towering over the landscape like a sentinel, Nyiragongo beckons with the promise of adventure and awe-inspiring vistas. Our ascent begins at the base of the volcano, where we traverse rocky terrain and navigate winding trails, each step bringing us closer to the fiery heart of the earth.

As night falls, we reach the summit and are greeted by the mesmerizing sight of Nyiragongo’s lava lake, a molten cauldron of swirling colors that dances against the darkened sky. Here, amidst the primal forces of nature, we find ourselves humbled by the sheer magnitude of creation and the interconnectedness of all life.

Day 3: Transfer to Virunga national park Bukima Tented Camp

Today, you descend down from Nyiragongo and transfer to Bukima Tented Camp in preparation for the next day’s Gorilla trek in Virunga.

Day 4: Gorilla trek at Congo’s Virunga national park –  Musanze

Breakfast will be served early and head out for Gorilla tracking in Congo’s Virunga national park. The trek will be done by 2 to 3 Pm and transfer to Musanze arriving in the evening. Dinner and overnight stay at Kinigi guest house.

Day 5: Twin Lakes Tour & Birding in Rugezi Marsh

Enjoy breakfast and go for a tour of the Twin Lakes of Burera and Ruhondo and a visit to Rugezi marsh on the Eastern side of Lake Burera for bird watching. Return to Kinigi and spend the evening at leisure or go for an optional village walk. Dinner and overnight at Kinigi guest house as above

Day 6: Dian Fossey Trek

Dian Fossey tomb in Volcanoes national park
Dian Fossey tomb in Volcanoes national park

Breakfast will be served early and report to the park headquarters for briefing and embark on your trek to the Dian fossey grave at karisoke. The trek is tough and lasts about 7 to 8 hours with packed lunch. Spend the evening at leisure and stay another night atKinigi guest house.

Day 7: Karisimbi Hike

Mt. Karisimbi Hiking experience on Congo and Rwanda tour
Mt. Karisimbi hiking Experience in Volcanoes national park- Rwanda

Wake up to an early breakfast and make an early start on your Karisimbi hike.

The Karisimbi hike offers a thrilling opportunity to conquer one of Africa’s most iconic peaks, immersing adventurers in the raw beauty and rugged majesty of Rwanda’s volcanic landscapes. Rising to a staggering elevation of over 4,500 meters, Mount Karisimbi stands as a testament to nature’s power and grandeur, challenging those who dare to ascend its towering slopes.

As you embark on this epic journey, you’ll be enveloped by the misty embrace of the mountain’s dense forests, where a chorus of exotic birdsong fills the air and elusive wildlife roam freely. With each step, you’ll ascend through a kaleidoscope of ecosystems, from lush montane forests to alpine meadows adorned with vibrant wildflowers.

But it’s not just the physical challenge that makes the Karisimbi hike so exhilarating—it’s the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching the summit, where panoramic views stretch out in all directions, offering a breathtaking panorama of Rwanda’s verdant countryside and distant horizons.

Day 8: City Tour & Departure

Today, you descend Karisimbi and transfer to Kigali where you will do a brief city tour including the local market and genocide memorial site.


Later transfer to the airport for your onward flight and end the Congo and Rwanda Tour.