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Primate Safaris

Our primate safaris are designed to offer thrilling and enriching adventure experience, providing an opportunity to observe these intelligent and often endangered creatures in their natural habitats. Depending on your destination, you may have the chance to witness various species of primates, each with its unique behaviors and characteristics.

Primate safaris will take you to the famous Bwindi impenetrable national park hosting over 400 mountain gorillas which is half of the world’s population of this endangered great ape. Bwindi is home to 11 primates including chimpanzees, gorillas, red tailed monkey, blue monkey, De Brazzas monkey, Demidoff’s galago, specatacled galago, baboon, black and white colobus monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, potto and it was named a UNESCO world heritage site when 3 great apes could co-existed that’s the Gorillas, chimpanzee and humans(Batwa).

A primate safari to the Volcanoes national park famous as the research base of the late American primatologist Dian Fossey and, subsequently, as the setting for the film Gorillas in the Mist, the park continues to uphold its reputation as a destination for unrivaled wildlife encounters.

With 10 fully habituated gorilla families which tourists can visit at any time throughout the year and watch these gentle giants freely and safe.