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13 Days Uganda Classic Adventure Holiday

Boasting an astonishing assortment of wildlife amid an array of magnificent parks, Uganda more than fulfills all expectations for an African safari. Its awesome landscape, startling in its diversity, has delighted millions of visitors. The land continues to enthrall everyone who has an eye for natural beauty. The magnetism of the golden savannah, semi desert thirst land and equatorial rainforest are home to the famous African big mammals, half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas and thousands of colorful and eye-catching bird species.

Often described as the Pearl of Africa, this lush tropical land is the true birthplace of the Nile, where the world’s longest river spills out of Lake Victoria and starts its journey to the Mediterranean sea. These formidable attractions are backed by good infrastructures that deliver a high level of service and comfort.

Visitors almost universally report that they like the country and find its people hospitable and extremely friendly. The country is home to over 40 tribes and languages within its borders each with unique cultural practices, music, dance and food. In instances where the food is similar, it is sometimes prepared differently and has certain different flavors and rituals. There are different kingdoms currently existing but with no political powers, namely Buganda, Bunyoro, Tooro, Busoga, and the defunct Ankole Kingdom. In some areas there are chief dorms as opposed to Kingdoms.

Indeed Uganda has everything to offer on your adventure holiday and since you made that choice to experience the pearl of Africa, you won’t regret it.

Everything about this country is designed to overwhelm your sense of discovery. A nation of huge diversity, the equatorial climate provides year round temperatures of around 27 degrees Celsius hence a place to be for your holiday time.

Based on your request, this 12 days tour program is designed to offer a perfect African holiday experience in just a few days keeping it pocket friendly for you and to fix your short holiday schedules for a memorable adventure experience. This package is saturated with all what one will definitely wish to encounter, from the diverse wildlife highlighted by the rare mountain gorillas which is a lifetime wildlife encounter, the big five; lion, leopard, elephants, buffaloes and not leaving out the giraffes and the scenic beauty of the landscape of the savannah parks in Uganda.


Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe international airport

Day 2: Transfer to Murchison fall National Park via Ziwa rhino sanctuary

Day3: Game drive and boat ride on the River Nile

Day 4: Transfer to Kibale national park

Day 5: Chimp tracking and community visit

Day 6: Drive to Queen Elizabeth national park- Evening safari

Day 7: Game drive and boat ride on Kazinga channel

Day: 8: Drive to Ishasha sector- Tree climbing lions

Day 9: Transfer to Bwindi impenetrable national park

Day 10: Gorilla tracking and Batwa community visit

Day 11: Drive to Lake Mburo national park

Day 12: Horseback riding or bike ride safari and drive Mabamba swamp

Day 13: Shoebill watching and transfer to the Entebbe for departure


Day 1:  Arrival at Entebbe international airport

On this day, I will be waiting for you at the airport according to the flight arrangements. I will warmly welcome you to the pearl of Africa Uganda. Transfer to the hotel for relaxation after a long hour flight. A drive from the airport gives the great view of lake Victoria; Africa’s largest fresh water lake and the source of the mighty River Nile the world’s longest river.

Check in and general tour briefing will be conducted by your tour guide.

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

Hotel: Protea hotel by Marriot  -Entebbe

Day 2: Transfer to Murchison fall National Park via Ziwa rhino sanctuary

After your morning breakfast, you will check out and embark on your journey to Ziwa rhino sanctuary in Nakasongola along Kampala-Gulu highway.

On arrival, you will catch a glimpse of the second largest land mammal on earth; the Rhinoceros on a bush walk. An armed ranger will ensure safety as you proceed into the thickets to find these funny giants. A sight of these endangered species is a memorable experience in their natural habitats; the beautiful birds will not leave a bird lover’s checklist the same.

Thereafter, you will proceed to Murchison falls national park. This is Uganda’s oldest and the largest conservation area hosting a huge of 76 species of mammals which include the elephants,giraffes,buffaloes,lions,leopards,baboons,warthogs,hippopotamus crocodiles, a number of antelopes to mention but a few. The park is also ideal for bird watching as it hosts over 451 bird species which include the rift valley endemics and some migratory birds in different seasons.

This park also stirs one’s love for adventure as it also provides an excellent safari experience of the Murchison falls themselves which are a spectacular sight where the mighty river Nile squeezes itself through a narrow gorge of 6 meters wide making a thunderous roar and impressive water rapids that one will never forget on a safari in Uganda. 

Hotel: Pakuba safari Lodge

Day3: Game drive and boat ride on the River Nile

As early as 6am, we will leave the lodge for a morning game drive. We always aim at the big game viewing as most of the animals are always active in the morning hours, this may also yield a chance of spotting some nocturnal animals like the lions, leopards, hyenas and hippopotamus from the hunting activities in the night.

Later we return to the lodge for breakfast, refreshment and lunch in at 12:30pm

Drive to the jetty for a boat along the Nile. On your way, you will encounter schools of hippos diving in the water, herds of elephants and towers of giraffes that come to quench their thirst at the river banks and the crocodile which are the Nile predators. Brightly colored water birds like the kingfisher, red throated bee eaters, African fish eagle, African darter, long tailed and white breasted cormorant, pel’s fishing owl, great white egrets, herons, African jacana, black crake to mention but a few will overwhelm your birding experience

At the top, the fall will catch your eyes as the Nile waters hit the rocks and bounce high to form a rainbow, a photo is inevitable!

I will be waiting to take you back to the lodge on a relaxed drive. On our way, you can decide to have an evening game drive or to drive directly to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Hotel: Pakuba safari Lodge

Day 4: Transfer to Kibale national park

After a healthy morning breakfast, prepare to transfer to Kibale forest national park. You will enjoy a warm lunch along the transfer. And arrive in the evening, dinner and overnight at primate lodge Kibale

Kibale forest is one of Uganda’s magnificent tropical rain forests and one of the most rewarding areas to explore. This park is the world’s primate capital and a home to 13 species of monkeys and man’s closest relatives; the chimpanzees, these delightful apes, are the closest to humans than to any living creature. These can be seen swinging in tree branches as one treks through the forest trails. Other animals like the red colobus, L’Hoest’s monkey and the endemic Uganda Mangabey a species of old world monkey found only in Uganda

Day 5: Chimp tracking and Bigodi community visit 

Breakfast at the lodge, head to the park head offices for a briefing about your chimp tracking experience.

Kibale Forest boasts the highest number of primate species in the world, including our delightful cousins, the chimpanzees. Today, in Uganda, there are approximately 5,000 chimpanzees left in the wild, which makes it a perfect place to spot them! The experienced ranger takes you to track chimpanzees in the morning or afternoon depending on your choice; in the meantime, showing you the many monkey species that live in this tropical forest. A wonderful jungle trip is the result, finishing in an hour of eye to eye contact with the chimpanzees.

After your chimp trek, you will visit the Bigodi community where you will have a traditional meal prepared by the local women. Enjoy a walk through this amazing village as they take you through how they survive in their daily lives; ladies weaving, men carving, traditional doctors healing them, how they grow different crops like coffee and plantain and how they prepare them traditionally.

Later you will drive back to the lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Hotel: Turaco Treetops

Day 6: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park

After your breakfast, you will checkout and set off to Queen Elizabeth national park.

This short drive will take you through some of Uganda’s beautiful sceneries on the Rwenzori mountains and endless banana plantations.

On arrival, you will check in for lunch and relax

Optional evening safari.

Hotel: Elephant Hub lodge

Day 7: Morning safari and Kazinga channel boat ride.

Be early to raise, have a cup of coffee and set out for a game drive where you will see some early risers along the Kasenyi track such as Elephants, antelopes, solitary buffaloes, lions, warthogs, as well as birds. After the drive which takes 2 to 3 hours head to the lodge and have breakfast and lunch after some time go for the launch cruise on Kazinga channel. The boat cruise is one of the amazing activities to enjoy in the park; you will enjoy watching elephants, buffaloes along the banks, crocodiles, hippos, waterbucks, birds among others.

Return to the lodge, freshen up, have dinner and overnight.

Day 8: Drive to Ishasha sector

On this day, adventure will continue to the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park.

Ishasha sector is part of the park that is very famous for its tree climbing lions. Lions here prefer hanging up in fig tree branches, a peculiar behavior among these cats.

On arrival in the afternoon, you will have a brief safari in search of catching a glimpse of these amazing cats.

Later you will check in for dinner and overnight stay.

Hotel: Enjojo lodge

Day 9: Transfer to Bwindi impenetrable national park

After your breakfast, you will set off to the famous Bwindi impenetrable national park in south western Uganda.

With a brief morning safari, you will proceed on one of the scenic drives through Uganda, cruising through the rolling hills, designed with terraces for various crops, dotted with tiny houses and rivers flowing through the valleys.

The landscape is just breathtaking and makes the long drive amazing.

On arrival in the evening, you will check in your hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.

Hotel: Ichumbi gorilla lodge

Day 10: Gorilla tracking and transfer to Lake Bunyonyi 

Life-time memorable experience.

After morning breakfast, you will get ready, along with your packed lunches to embark on the lifetime memorable experience in this magnificent forest for gorilla tracking. The trail you use may reward you with exciting moments of the giant mountain gorillas in Uganda. This will be a reward of the ultimate gorilla experience’ as well as other primates that inhabit the forest. This may take you about 4-5 hrs in the jungle. Expect to walk a long distance in steep and muddy conditions, sometimes with rain overhead before you encounter any gorilla. But it will definitely be worthwhile as you observe them closely while they eat, play and rest. For conservation purposes, time will be limited to one hour. The ranger guide will always briefs you on how to behave with these gentle giants

After a successful gorilla trek, you will set off for a 2hrs drive to Lake Bunyonyi. What you will see is one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa. Visitors from near and far are simply awed by its mystical, magical beauty. As you approach it, you see it snaking along the Ugandan landscape. It is dotted by 29 islands of various shapes and sizes, surrounded by a ring of terraced farms, their greenery accenting this mystical lake like a lovely frame.

Day 11: Transfer to Lake Mburo national park

After your breakfast with the magnificent view of the lake, you will check out and set off on a relaxed drive to Lake Mburo national park. One of the smallest but turns out to be one of the charming places to be in Uganda.

Your drive will take you through plantations of bananas and herds of the Ankole longhorn cattle that will catch your eyes.

On arrival in the afternoon, you will check in, have lunch and relax

Later in the evening, you can have a dusk or night game drive

Dinner and overnight stay.

Hotel: Kigambira safari lodge

Day 12: Horseback/walking/cycling safari and transfer to Entebbe

In the morning, you will have 3 ways to choose how you wish to have your safari; riding a horse or a bike or a walk through the wilderness is such an amazing way to explore the savannah. Such safaris are another way to get up-close to nature, walking on foot or riding your horse as you get to breathe the fresh air and feel the ambience of the wilderness. Zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes, warthog to mention but a few will be watching your presence and colorful birds turn on the rhythm of the wilderness! Such moments are unforgettable.

Later after lunch you will take a relaxed drive back to Mabamba bay with a stop at the equator to experience both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere of the universe in one place. Photographs and shopping from the equator are great evidence of a memorable safari in Uganda. Arriving late in the evening, you will check in your hotel and relax.

Hotel: 2 Friends beach hotel

Day 13: Shoebill and Departure

This morning you will jump onto a motorized boat that will take you through the marshes of the Mabamba bay to catch a glimpse of the amazing shoebill.

The shoebill stock is a magnificent, unique, prehistoric and ancient looking bird that is sought after by visitors in Uganda. It is also referred to as the king whale-head because of its size and shape of head.

Sitting on a local boat, sailing through the marshes and swamps looking for this rare species is a unique adventure.

Dinner and later drive or cross to Entebbe by ferry to the airport and catch your flight back home.

End of service